Anti Flea

anti flea Ticks and fleas on dogs and cats are not just annoying – but can also pose a real threat to the beloved pet. Anti Flea products from Dr.Clauder keep uninvited guests away, quite naturally and nontoxic. This is achieved through the deliberate exploitation of certain mechanisms of the pests, with the result that the animal is no longer attractive to the pest, due to certain odors imperceptible to humans. But if a flea does land on a dog or cat, the altered skin milieu acts in a way that the pest does not recognise the animal as prey. The pest wanders about in the coat until it dies, if it was not previously brushed off. In addition, we offer a vicinity spray to combat the pests directly at the breeding grounds.

Anti Flea products from Dr.Clauder – The easy way to relieve your beloved pet of a great burden.

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