Function & Care

function care There are situations in the life of the animal in which even with the highest quality staple food his needs can not or are only inadequately meet. Each Complete Feed is always designed for the normal case, but we all know: Life is not often a normal case. The responsible owner can only meet diverse changes in the lives of their beloved animal, such as growth, age, stress or disease with a targeted supplemental nutrition.

Dr.Clauder’s Function & Care Supplemental Nutrition perfectly provides a wide range of sophisticated products to supplement their daily nourishment when required. We can achieve this claim in different effective areas, which are easily recognisable on the products:


  • Pro Hair & Skin for a silky shine and a healthy coat.
  • Pro Joint & Active to support bone, ligament and joint function
  • Energy Plus with increased energy requirements.
  • Pro Life for fitness and vitality.
  • Immune Plus to activate the immune system.
  • Pre Biotics ideal for intestinal flora.

Function and Care – See for yourself!

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