Moist Food

moist nutrition The human changes his diet constantly – according to personal taste, but also according to individual needs in different life situations. Whether due to age, stress or illness, we adjust our diets intuitively. This is not possible for your pet, even though his life is shaped by many different influences. It is the responsibility of the owner, to adjust the nutrition to fit the changing needs of their beloved animals.

Dr.Clauder’s series Selected Meat provides your dog with the a comprehensive nutritional system from the finest products of moist food. Thus every need is borne, no matter whether you are looking for the answer to obesity or digestive problems. The appropriate product is always at hand.

Our Selected Pearls series is specifically tailored to the needs of cats. Again, we offer the cat lover a fine selection of products, from special diets for the heart and liver with reduced salt content to delicatessens for the gourmet. All products in this series have a very high meat content of up to 98%.

Selected Meat and Selected Pearls are individually enriched with specific ingredients for the prevention of common problems such as:

  • Pro Hair & Skin for a silky shine and a healthy coat.
  • Pro Joint & Active to support bone, ligament and joint function
  • Energy Plus with increased energy requirements.
  • Pro Life for fitness and vitality.
  • Immune Plus to activate the immune system.
  • Pre Biotics ideal for intestinal flora.

With so much pleasure makes balanced nutrition a joy.

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