Hyposensitive Herring & Potato 11.5KG

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11.5kg pack of Hyposensitive Herring & Potato x2

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Dr.Clauder’s Hyposensitive Herring & Potato is the perfect choice for adult dogs with special needs. The only animal protein in this product is freshly caught frozen herring and high-quality dried herring. It is thus well tolerated even by sensitive dogs. And of course the formula is grain-free. The added Dr.Clauder’s unique “Pro-Digest-Komplex” can effectively support your dog’s digestive system. 1kg dry food corresponds to the nutritional value of 650g fresh meat.


Feeding Instructions in g/day
Bodyweight 2.5kg-5kg 7.5kg-10kg 12.5kg-15kg 17.5kg-20kg 22.5kg-25kg 30kg-35kg 40kg-45kg 50kg-60kg 70kg-80kg 90kg-100kg
g/ day 55-90 125-155 180-210 235-260 280-305 350-390 435-475 515-590 660-730 800-865



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Weight 11.5 kg
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