At Dr. Clauders and Ransconi Pet Products, we are dedicated to championing responsible and passionate breeders. Our esteemed Top Breeders Competition celebrates and honors breeders who consistently demonstrate excellence in producing top-winning specimens of their respective breeds. Spanning from January to December, this competition draws its results from All Breed Championship Shows, showcasing the finest examples of breeder dedication.

Participants accrue points through Green Star Wins, earning 5 points for the initial triumph by a dog bred by them, and 1 point for subsequent victories by the same dog. Prizes await not only the Top Breeder in each breed but also recognize the overall winners within each Group, culminating in the prestigious title of Overall Top Breeder.

This competition stands as a testament to our unwavering support for the breeder community and their invaluable contributions to the world of pedigree pets.
Group Group Desc Results
Group 1 Herding Dogs Download results
Group 2 Working Breeds Download results
Group 3 Terriers Download results
Group 4 Dachshunds Download results
Group 5 Spitz and Primitive Breeds Download results
Group 6 Hounds Download results
Group 7 Pointers and Setters Download results
Group 8 Retrievers and Spaniels Download results
Group 9 Toy Download results
Group 10 Hounds Download results