Raw Dog Food vs Dry Dog Food: A Doggy Diet Guide 2023


Should my dog be on a raw dog food diet or a dry dog food diet?

Dogs are shown to provide a range of physical and mental health benefits to their human owners, so isn’t it only fair to return the favour for our furry four-legged friends?

Dog owners can better their dog’s health by providing their dog with enough nourishment through exercise and a healthy diet. Raw dog food and dry dog food are two distinct doggy diets available both with various benefits. 

What are the differences between each type of dog food?

A raw dog food diet consists of uncooked and unprocessed ingredients, consisting of raw meat, bones, organs, and dog-friendly fruits and vegetables like berries and broccoli.

However, dry dog food, also known as kibble, is made up of specially formulated ingredients. Made up from essential raw ingredients of meat, grains and vegetables; it includes include essential vitamins and mineral additives to provide dogs a balanced diet.


Benefits of a raw dog food diet


  • Raw diet advocates claim that it is healthier for dogs to follow the diet as it is closer to the diet of their evolutionary ancestors, wolves.


  • Giving your dog raw bones can promote robust oral health, reducing plaque and tartar.


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Disadvantages of a raw dog food diet


  • Achieving a balanced diet through raw food can be challenging as it requires consideration of several factors which could damage your dog, like a risk of allergy and not getting the right nutrients and minerals. Higher cost of raw ingredients is also a major consideration for dog owners.


  • It is essential that you give your dog appropriate bones to chew on, while supervising them to prevent choking and splintering.
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Benefits of a dry dog food diet


  • Dry dog food is often more cost-effective compared to a raw diet, making it a savvier choice for the budget of dog owners.


  • Kibble is formulated under rigorous testing and high industry standards to maintain a consistent nutritional content, giving dogs a balanced diet.


Disadvantages of a dry dog food diet


  • Lower cost dry dog food brands might be made from lower-quality ingredients, leading to a high risk of the health of your dog.


  • While passing industry standards, lower-cost dry dog food is usually consistent with a higher quantity of filler products, and lower-quality protein sources, meaning a less optimised diet for your dog.

The choice of a raw dog food diet and a dry dog food diet is dependent on a variety of factors, like your dog’s specific needs, lifestyle and your budget. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s crucial to consult with a vet to determine the most appropriate diet for your pet. 


If choosing a dry dog food diet, dog owners can rest easier when you shop with Ransconi Pet Products. We pride ourselves in offering exclusive premium dry dog food in the UK and Irish markets. 


We supply a range of Dr Clauder’s dry dog food, one of Europe’s most trusted dog food brands, who stamp their products with the trusted “Made in Germany” stamp of approval.

Any products with this stamp is certified to guarantee excellent quality, with all products containing traceable raw materials and have passed “clearly defined quality standards”. 


We stock a range of products suitable for all ages and dietary requirements for your dog. Read on for our recommended choices from our Dr Clauder’s dry dog food range!

Our Best Seller: Dr Clauder’s Adult Lamb & Rice 12.5kg



  • Dr.Clauder’s Best Choice Adult Lamb & Rice is perfect for adult dogs with special needs.


  • Dr.Clauder’s Best Choice Adult Lamb & Rice is very digestible and well tolerated thanks to high-quality animal and plant proteins. With a balanced protein-to-energy ratio, this is the perfect dry dog food for your healthy and fit dogs.
Dr Clauder’s Adult Lamb & Rice 12.5kg
Dr Clauder’s Junior Large Breed 12.5kg

Our Best Seller for Juniors: Dr Clauder’s Junior Large Breed 12.5kg


  • Dr.Clauder’s Junior Large Breed is perfect for dogs of large and very large breeds (final weight of over 25 kg) from the 8th week.


  • It optimally supplies your dog with: a strong bone structure, support for joints and promotes cartilage formation, and strengthens the immune system, which allows your dog to grow up healthy!

Our Best Seller for Seniors: Dr Clauder’s Adult Senior/Light 12.5kg


  • Dr.Clauder’s Senior / Light is perfect for all dogs whose energy requirements are lower.


  • These include older dogs with slower metabolism and dogs with excess weight, because they need a reduced energy supply for optimal weight management.
Dr Clauder’s Adult Senior/Light 12.5kg

If you have any queries about our range of dry dog food, or any other of our pet products, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team. Ranconi Pet Products are here to help you make the right choice, “Because We Care”.