Purify Mud 500ml

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Purify Mud

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It has a sebum-regulating and regenerating power of the original conditions of the hair and skin. Anti-inflammatory action for skin damaged or reddened by external agents (scratches, redness from scratching or stripping). The purifying action restores vigor to the keratin structure of the hair, giving it volume. It can be used on all subjects with rough coat as an aid in the execution of the stripping …. sprinkling it on the dirty coat and once dry start the work

To be used in all cases of excess skin sebaceous and in cases of particularly brittle hair that needs to regain its body.

Apply the mud on dry or wet hair at discretion and leave on for about 4 minutes. Subsequently, wash the dog with the Urban Dog shampoo best suited to the type of hair, taking care to rub well to remove all residues. In case of subjects that need stripping, PURIFY MUD facilitates its action.

A shampoo is not necessary before using Purify MUD.

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