Dr.Clauder´s Paw Care Creme

£ 3.99

Protects the paws in case of road salt, grit, ice and hot asphalt
For challenging conditions on hard ground


Dr.Clauder‘s Plaque Ex Forte Plus is a new dental hygiene product. Dr.Clauder‘s Plaque Ex Forte with its high-dose of cranberry concentrate and microsilver is scientifically proven to be effective. Microsilver can neutralise bacteria and fungi and provides an antibacterial effect on the gums and thus builds a protective barrier with excellent long-term effect. Cranberry can also inhibit the formation of dental plaque in a very natural way. This removes the breeding ground required by bacteria. Put it right into your pet’s mouth after feeding or let them lick it off a plate. • With microsilver and cranberry concentrate • For healthy teeth and gums • Dental hygiene with natural ingredients.

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Weight 0.2 kg

Composition: petrolatum album, bee wax, glycerine, fragrances.

Administration suggestion: Gently rub in pads and the areas in between the pads regularly. Always apply before long walks and when walking on snow and ice.